I began dabbling with my new mom camera in 2015 and began creating a portfolio soon after. I got married on September 23, 2017 and when I received the “your gallery is ready” email, instead of being so excited, I was met with what felt like a punch to the gut! I opened it only to find 189 photos from our 10 hour wedding day. If you're wondering why I was so upset - that's an average of 9 images per hour the two photographers! Instead of reminiscing about our beautiful wedding day, my husband and I always manage to revert back to the "too bad we don't have any pictures of [insert irreplaceable wedding shot here]". Three years later and I have only printed two of my wedding photos!! 

My own wedding experience shaped who I am as a photographer; specifically a wedding photographer. Rather than continue to focus on the missed memories of my own wedding, I have chosen to put that energy into you, my client, so that you never have to feel the same way I did.