1. Are you struggling to do the minor tasks you know your business needs?

2. When you think of writing Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Twitter posts, do you feel nothing but dread in the pit of your stomach?

3. Are you excited to think about the money you can be making but hate doing the "paper work" for it? (Think invoicing, collecting payments, sending that "nudge" email, writing up contracts, etc.)

4. Are you spending more time in front of your computer scheduling your appointments than with your [insert loved one here...spouse, kids, dog,]

5. Lastly if you look like this lady down here and it's not because you were out celebrating your latest small business achievement then we need to talk! 

Hey You! What do you think about   these questions?

tired girl.jpg

As a small business owner myself I know the tasks above are necessary but definitely not as fun as actually being behind the camera with my clients or meeting them at trendy coffee shops to talk about their beautiful upcoming wedding.

Every SVP helpee (that's you) receives a set number of hours per month to delegate all the tasks you hate doing but know they need to be done. This can be invoicing, scheduling, website updates, etc. but think big picture here. How can you continue to grow your business without being on your phone or computer all day?


That's where I come in!

The hashtag research, blog copy and long but witty Facebook posts you know will get you seen and earn you more business but just seems so daunting to actually do...that's what I do for you! Updating your website with your latest content via photos, blog posts, etc...that's what I do for you!


If you're a small business owner, entrepreneur or heck even a fully operational business but you just need someone to do the behind the scenes tasks in a functional and organized way (hello 13 years of military organizational experience lol) then let's chat about how we can grow your business without lifting any additional fingers!

SVP Virtual Assistant  Starts at $350