Love, Happiness and HEB

Micah and Natalia have had a whirlwind romance and it really makes me believe in the phrase “when you know, you know”. 

On that old faithful day, April 7th 2018 Micah saw Natalia stunning in the most wonderful of all places - the chip aisle at their local HEB. It salsa bout those delicious chips bringing these two love birds together am I right; ha see what I did there. 

Micah as a Combat Medic in the Army and Natalia a brilliant musician and college student made their relationship official shortly after meeting. Natalia says they have the same sense of humor and knew she had found the one before Micah proposed to her in Austin on November 7th overlooking the entire city. Good job Micah!

Micah claims “they connect on a very deep level and want the same things in life. He considers himself very privileged to meet someone who brings his heart joy and happiness just from seeing her.”

I wish all the love in the world to these two and look forward to capturing more special memories for them in 2019. 

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