The Woman Behind the Lens

I would like to take you on a little journey with me. Almost 34 years ago, my dad Simon married the love of his life, my mom Doris. After many long nights of dating and dancing, all in all my parents were together a total of 11 months before they got married. Talk about a whirl wind romance am I right? They were married for a little over two years before my big brother Daniel was born. He was named after my dad’s best friend who passed away years before in a car accident. The three of them lived on the south side of San Antonio for several years budding as a family of three. Daniel was an only child for almost four years until my parents had the pleasure of bringing their first and favorite daughter (just kidding Louiza haha) into the world, me. We lived in an apartment next to my Godparents house where I have the slightest memories of sliding around on my knees in pajamas when the 10pm Johnny Carson show would come on. I distinctly remember having my fifth birthday at our new home which we moved into in April of 1995. Daniel and I spent a solid five and a half years terrorizing, I mean loving one another before we welcomed our baby sister into our lives, Louiza named after my grandmother. This was my time to shine as a big sister, or so everyone told me, but I remember being a little upset over all the attention she was getting. I won’t even bother mentioning the story of sticking her in the closet and telling everyone she didn’t want to stay with us, wait…what? Moving on, the three of us grew up in a pretty normal childhood. We all played our fair share of sports, got into our normal pre-teen and teenager trouble but through it all we have supported and loved one another through and through.

Fast forward to 2018 and we are now 31, 28 and 21. Daniel has brought a wonderful woman into our lives, my soon to be sister in law Marian. Marian came with the best personal baggage we could have hoped for and brought my first and only nephew into my life, Elijah or EK as our family has come to call him. As someone who couldn’t tell you the difference between Chubaca and R2D2 (yes I googled Star Wars characters for the reference), EK knows everything there is to know about Star Wars. As one of the craftiest and most patient 10 year olds I have ever met, I have seen him put a 500 piece Star Wars lego spaceship together in a day! Sadly this month they moved away to Florida but we are in the beginning stages of planning a family fun-cation to visit them.

As most of you know Arnold and I were married last year and are quickly approaching our 1 year anniversary. Anyone want to sponsor a second Hawaii honeymoon? Between our ten year old son Jr’s various sports, Arianna’s three year old exploratory adventures and our multiple softball leagues we hardly have a moment to think but we’re just happy to have our family together, happy and healthy.

Now my little sister Louiza, as I mentioned is 21 so you know how that goes ;) But really, she’s an incredible daughter, sister, friend and Tia to all. In a year she will be moving away to Texas A&M in Kingsville to pursue her Speech Pathology degree. I’m so proud of the plans she’s making for her life and look forward to watching her succeed.

I wanted to go a little more in depth in my first blog about my family so you could get to know me as not just a photographer but as a daughter, wife, mother, sister, and Tia. I had the pleasure of photographing our entire family a few days before my brother moved to Florida. I am so glad I was able to capture these moments for our family, especially for my parents.

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